Virtual Author Talks

Virtual Author Talks With The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library And Marathon Center For The Performing Arts

     The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library and the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts are partnering to bring an exciting mix of online author talks from New York Times Bestselling authors and a Pulitzer Prize winning historian to Hancock County this summer.  Our Virtual Author Talks series gives the thrill of meeting your favorite authors with a live streamed author event. Audiences will be treated to behind-the-scenes discussion of each title and conversation from the author, followed by an interactive question and answer session. You can register to watch and participate during the live presentation or if that time isn't convenient for you, you can watch anytime after the discussion at


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September 8 at 2 PM

Dr. Michelle Borba, Raising Thrivers: Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle And Others Shine

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     Join us for a thought-provoking webinar with bestselling author and expert in child development, Dr. Michele Borba, as she discusses her book, Thrivers: Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine.

     Data shows that today’s youth are the loneliest, most stressed, and risk-averse on record. Though well-educated, they are failing to launch in real life. So how can we teach them to be mentally strong and more successful? Dr. Michele Borba empowers educators and parents to help kids thrive in today’s fast-paced, digital-driven, often uncertain world. Through her research, she found the difference between those who struggle and those who succeed comes down to the personal traits that set Thrivers apart and set them up for happiness and a greater potential later in life. Dr. Borba will teach you practical, actionable ways to develop these Thrivers traits for kids and show you how to teach them to cope today so that they can flourish tomorrow in school and life. These are lessons that will last a lifetime. Author Q&A to follow the presentation! 



September 20 at 2 PM

Simon Winchester, The Professor And The Madman

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     Join us for a conversation with prolific British-American writer, journalist, and consummate adventurer Simon Winchester. 

     This author talk will cover many aspects of his work across myriad fields of history, technology, and geology as well as the author's personal expeditions, including his path to becoming the acclaimed best-selling author he is today.  A master storyteller, Winchester’s narrative is like a journey through time. His keen intellect and ability to precisely and expertly weave everyday life into historical examination leaves his readers feeling awestruck at the world surrounding them. You are invited to submit questions at registration and during the chat. We look forward to seeing you there! 



September at 27 at 4 PM

Hernan Diaz, Trust And In The Distance

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     Join us for a discussion with Pulitzer Prize finalist and PEN/Faulkner Award winner Hernan Diaz, author of Trust  and In The Distance

     Trust, opens to readers as a novel within a novel, entitled Bonds, set during the roar of the 1920s around the Wall Street tycoon Benjamin Rask and his wife, Helen. Together, they have risen to the top of the world of seemingly endless wealth–all as a decade of excess and speculation draws to an end. But at what cost have they acquired their immense fortune? This is exactly the mystery at the center of Bonds, a successful 1937 novel that all of New York seems to have read. Yet there are other versions of this tale of privilege and deceit.

     Hernan Diaz’s Trust elegantly puts competing narratives into conversation with one another—and in tension with the perspective of one woman bent on disentangling fact from fiction. The result is a novel that spans over a century and becomes more exhilarating with each new revelation. Revel in the mystery and join us for questions and chat with Hernan Diaz! 


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