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History Of The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library

     The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library was established on April 16, 1888 by an act of the Ohio General Assembly and opened its doors to the public on January 27, 1890 in a basement room of the Hancock County Courthouse.


original building black and white photo


     In the early 1900's Andrew Carnegie began his philanthropic efforts to construct public libraries by providing money to communities across the country. In 1906, he offered $3,500 per year for maintenance. Unfortunately, (for long forgotten reasons), this opportunity was allowed to slip away. Over 13 years later, a library representative contacted Mr. Carnegie, only months before his death, but by that time he was no longer funding library construction.



old library


     In 1935, the Findlay Pubic LIbrary moved from the Courthouse basement into the old Post Office building on Broadway. Built in 1906, the building was purchased from the federal government for $50,000. Also in 1935, Ohio libraries began receiving state funding from the intangibles tax. 


five different bookmobiles through the years


     In the 1950's, the Findlay Public Library began providing a delivery service that was the beginning of what is now the Bookmobile. May different vehicles have served the library over the years. 


     By the mid-60's, the need for a new library building was apparent, as stated in a 1964 report issued by the Hancock Regional Planning Commission. In 1970, a library-financed study considered eight locations and recommended the Phoenix Hotel. In 1971, under the leadership of a new director, the library hired an architect. 


group of library staff from the 1970s


     In 1973, the library was officially sanctioned by the state as a county district library and changed its name to the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library. Also in that year, early steps were taken towards computerization when the library joined the Ohio College Library Center.