Adult Services Department                                                            419-422-1737
       Book Cellar 419-434-1044
       Children’s Services Department 419-434-1077
       Circulation Services Department  419-422-1712
       Extension & Outreach Services Department 419-434-1123
       Genealogy Department 419-434-1143
       Media Services Department  419-434-1036
       Teen Services Department 419-434-1300

 Staff                                                                                                                                    Click the name for e-mail

      Sarah Clevidence, Director 419-434-1479
      Kelly Conine, Fiscal Officer 419-434-1478
      Lynnette Coppler, Media Services Manager  419-434-1475
      Brittany Lutes, Youth Services Manager 419-434-1484
      Joel Mantey, Adult Services Manager 419-434-1474
      Sharon Mason, Technical Services Manager 419-434-1432
      Heather Rhoads, Community Relations Coordinator 419-434-1480
      Kristy Szkudlarek, Read for LIFE Coordinator 419-422-3755
      Kayleen Veit, Extension and Outreach Services/Circulation Manager 419-434-1485
      Holly Walter, Technical Services Manager 419-434-1432
      Courtney Ward, Information Technology Manager/Human                                                                          Resources Coordinator 419-434-1481
       Larry Hammond, Facility Manager 419-434-1477

 Board of Trustees

      Dr. Julie McIntosh, President  
      Mr. John Preston, Vice-President  
      Mrs. Karen Flanagan, Secretary  
      Dr. James Darrach      
      Mr. Don Essex   
      Mr. Roger Miller  
      Mrs. Rosemary Rooker  

The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM at the library

                       photo of staff smiling



The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library encourages and supports lifelong reading, viewing, and listening in the pursuit of knowledge and joy. 



We value free and open access to the library and library services for all citizens.

We value our patrons by serving them equally, respectfully, and with a friendly attitude.

We value lifelong learning and reading for joy.

We value the privacy of our patrons.

We value our community by playing an active role in improving quality of life.