Youth Advisory Board


     The Youth Advisory Board is Findlay-Hancock County Public Library's volunteer group for teens in grades 7 through 12. YAB strives to involve teens in their library and their library space.  YAB allows teens the opportunity to gain work experience by learning and completing tasks that they are trained for and feel comfortable doing.



     The mission of the Youth Advisory Board is to represent a positive teen force in the library by encouraging teens to become life-long library users through promoting teen reading, teen programs and teen participation at the library, and to assist the library with developing and implementing programs which serve local teens and the community. 

     The Youth Advisory Board also helps to make sure the library is providing quality resources for both reading for pleasure and for help with research and homework assignments for students in grades 7 through 12.


Becoming a Member

     To become a member, an application is submitted and the current board members and the Advisor determine if the applicant would make a good fit with the current group, be able to meet the expectations, and if they would have the time to dedicate 3 hours per month to be a part of the YAB group. The Advisor also looks at how many current members we have from the applicant's particular school. The Youth Advisory Board likes to have members from a variety of local schools, including online and homeschools.  The Youth Advisory Board may have up to 30 members at a time.




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